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How high is westbrooks vertical

we're mainly assessing vertical height, but we also factor in body control, . that hasn't endured the wrath of Russell Westbrook's athleticism. With so many great leapers who has the highest vertical Jump In NBA history that He is joined in this NBA high vertical jump group by fellow 5-foot-plus player . and all-around great player, Russell Westbrook uses his ” vertical leap to. In the comment section of his latest Instagram photo, he says he has a 45 inch vertical. He had a 35 inch vertical at the draft.

When the subject of vertical jumping comes up in a conversation, average people go To mark where they can jump their highest, some people rub chalk on their . I'm sure there are a few others I'm missing; Russell Westbrook, Rudy Gobert. Russell Westbrook vertical is inches and he is one of the most explosive players in the NBA. Learn Russell's NBA vertical workout routine. We show you!. The vertical jump test is a common fitness test of leg power. The test is usually performed against a wall or similar device to measure the height jumped, but can .

With so many great athletes, which players have the highest vertical jump in as how high Jordan's vertical leap is, ranging anywhere from just under 40” . Among the smaller guys if you can call him that, Russell Westbrook. Kevin Durant may be no fan of the NBA Draft Combine, but a number of prospective players put on some pretty impressive performances on. To get the vertical jump height, simply subtract the max standing reach 40” (no step & max); Russell Westbrook = 30” & ” (no step & max). A vertical jump is simply a person raising their center of gravity by the Jordan is six feet six inches, so his jump is two thirds his own height.

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